AHHS Alumni who wish to have a Reunion in a particular City will have to organize a chapter in that city or area. Please submit to the Albert Harris High School National Alumni Association, Inc. (National) a petition signed by five or more members of the Chapter you wish to establish. The chapter should have the name of the city or area followed by “Chapter of the Albert Harris High School National Alumni Association, Inc.” Each chapter must have a Board of Directors subject to the approval of the National Board of Directors. The Chapter Board of Directors shall consist of six members and should have at least a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. A duplicate copy of the minutes of each meeting of the Chapter Board of Directors shall be mailed to the Secretary of National..

Listed below are current chapters of AHHS.

District of Columbia Chapter

Frank S. Clark III, Historian
Shirley Hodge-Coleman
Malcolm P. Drewery
Gloria Drewery
Howard Pritchett, Vice President
James Travis, Treasurer

Hampton Roads Chapter

Contact: Alice Little – President

Taylor Schofield, Vice-President

Peggy Winfield, Secretary

Barbara Scales, Assistant Secretary

Carlton Stockton, Treasurer
Joyce Hale, Assistant Treasurer
Bettie Oliver, Bruce Oliver
Howard Fontaine

Rhonda Jamison
Karol Johnson

Alline Winford

Martinsville Chapter

Gloria Hodge-Hylton, President

Jesse Goode, Vice President
Lottie Kimbrough Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Marguerite W. Wilson Financial Secretary/Treasurer