Our Lord has granted us opportunities to reunite and celebrate the years we spent together at Albert Harris School — we cherish the friendships, thankful to our parents, teachers, neighborhoods, and church families for giving us that “good ol’ Martinsville raising”. It was not looking through rose-colored glasses, but the real truth about living a thankful, moralistic life.

The Washington, D.C. Chapter is planning Reunion 2014, which will be held at the Marriott Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina. We just love taking photos, sharing stories, reminiscing about decorating the gym for proms, Algebra; the Library (sh-sh!); Walker’s Drug Store or Dairy Queen for lunch; Paradise hot dogs (um-good); teachers coming for home visits; one-column sunday news articles for Black Folk written by Rev. Anderson.

The idea of having an Albert Harris High School Alumni grew out of a reunion weekend held for the Class of 1957 in Atlantic City in 1992 — there that small group decided to organize an Alumni Chapter. Up and running, reunions were held in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Georgia Martinsville, Virginia; Cruise I, back to D.C., Cruise II, and Williamsburg, Virginia. The organization has maintained an extraordinarily involved Board of Directors, and we now have three chapters: Martinsville, Washington, D.C., and Hampton Roads. During the Martinsville Reunion in 2000, a bronze bust of the Reverand Albert Harris was donated and presently placed in a memorial case at Albert Harris Elementary School (formerly Albert Harris High School).

The Albert Harris High School Alumni Association, Inc. is incorporated in the State of Virginia, signed and sealed on May 14, 1998. The organization’s goal is to bring Albert Harris families together to celebrate the history and future education of Martinsville’s graduates. Scholarship funds totalling $19,500 have been expended to date. The scholarship assistance can only increase by dues-paying members. My appeal:

Giving should be an eager spiritual desire, especially to assist in the education of our African-American youth.


Jacquelyn Matthews Bolden

President, AHHS Alumni, Inc.